Episode 15 – Josh Reddick’s Hair Is An Old Bay Sausage

The Tarp Talk gang is back for another week of Oakland A’s baseball talk! We start off by tackling Jarrod Parker and what we like and don’t like. Also, what have you thought of him. The conversation moves on to injuries (this is an Oakland A’s podcast, of course) and how they affect the team. We talk about the surprises that Reddick / Gomes / Inge have been so far and how awesome Reddick’s hair is and how good Gomes has been. We finish up talking about how we wish to see Seth Smith get more playing time and what’s going to happen when ManRam comes back.

We are joined this week by Kyle Boddy ( @drivelinebases ) to talk about the more technical side of baseball. What’s good/bad about Tyson Ross? Is Sonny Gray just Rich Harden 2.0? Will the Indians actually win the Central this year?

We, as always, close out with the DTOTW and say our goodbyes. Enjoy!

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The articles that Kyle references:
Fastball Velo

 Curve vs. Slider 


Mt. Pleasant, Bad Connections, and a Beard In the Mail

A little gift from us to you. If/when you listen to the podcast it may sound a little odd. For some reason we had trouble getting a clean connection with Wishinsky. So while he worked on it, I (Spencer) shared a story that I had mentioned earlier on Twitter. This is just a taste of what goes on “behind the scenes”. Hope you guys enjoy!

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