Who We Are

David Spencer 

David Spencer is currently a student at VCU in Richmond, Va. working toward a degree in Math with a concentration in Statistics. David tweets often about the A’s and other general BS at the handle @oakfaninva. A pitching mechanics specialist and amateur baseball historian, David covers all the bases (rimshot!). When he isn’t pontificating on baseball he can be found camping in the wilderness of western Virginia or enjoying a smokey single malt. His favorites Athletic? Chad Bradford.

Alan Torres 

Alan is a lifelong A’s fan currently living in the Los Angeles area.  He regularly comments on Athletics Nation and tweets about the A’s and baseball in general using the Twitter handle @cuppingmaster.  His favorite sabermetric topic is DIPS pitching theory.  In his non-baseball nerd life, he works for a cancer non-profit, enjoys cooking, his two cats, and spending time with his girlfriend.

David Wiers

Mr. Wiers is your typical A’s fan. He wears his A’s hat, jerseys and shirts with pride and enthusiasm. The only atypical thing is his location. Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan and rooting for a team 2,250 miles away does have it’s drawbacks, but the A’s -and fellow A’s fans- make it all worth it. David is a sabermetrician at heart and loves a nice sunny day filled with spreadsheets and data. He is also a writer at Scouting The Sally as well as Bullpen Banter and can be found on twitter at @davidwiers.

David Wishinsky

David is an Oakland A’s fan living in Riverside, California. He is also the author of the Todd Van Poppel Rookie Card Retirement Plan and the Sunday contributor to Athletics Nation. You can follow him on Twitter at @tvprcretireplan. David’s favorite A’s are Brandon McCarthy and Gio Gonzalez, if he were to study baseball his thesis would be on bullpen usage. When not busy writing, tweeting or talking about the A’s, he enjoys to go hiking in the wildernesses across Southern California, he also enjoys spending time with his wife who enjoys neither baseball or hiking.

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