Episode 4 – All I Want For Christmas Is Runs

The Tarp Talk gang is back for Episode 4. We originally were going to put together what we thought was going to be the best lineup for the A’s, but then realized that we all had the same thing. So instead we talked about trades. With Gio Gonzalez being the prized possession of most teams now that Yu Darvish is presumably off the table we talk about what we would like to get back for Gio. Seeing as the two big teams in the hunt for him are seemingly the Nationals and the Blue Jays, we keep our suggestions to those two teams. After that we talk about the possibility of a Andrew Bailey to the Red Sox trade and who we would like to get back in that trade as well. Before the break we do a very early pre-season prognostication as to what record we see the team finishing. We come back, as always, and finish with the Dumb Tweet of The Week, and David Wishinsky wins this week.

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 Time: 56:22
  • Introduction
  • Who do we want back from the Toronto Blue Jays or Washington Nationals for Gio Gonzalez?
  • Go over the myriad of options available between those two teams.
  • Who do we want back from the Boston Red Sox for Andrew Bailey?
  • Are Will Middlebrooks and Jose Iglesias guys we even like?
  • What will the A’s 2012 record be?
  • Dumb Tweet of the Week

Episode 3 – “What’s the Park Factor there in Kalamazoo?”

We’re back with Episode 3! It was a busy week for the Athletics post-Winter Meetings. The day after the Winter Meetings ended saw the A’s trade Craig Breslow and Trevor Cahill to the Diamondbacks for Collin Cowgill, Ryan Cook, and Jarrod Parker. Also during the week the A’s tendered contracts to Adam Rosales, Daric Barton, Landon Powell, and Dallas Braden. All agreed to one-year contracts avoiding arbitration. We talk about the trades and contracts and get into why we do or do not like them. We, as always, close out with the Dumb Tweet of the Week.

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Time: 43:13




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