Episode 8 – I Was DH’d For In High School


Tarp Talk is back for Episode 8! This week we are joined by Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing fame. Jeff comes on and talks to us about furry animals in his hands, how he felt about the Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda trade, what the Mariners should do with Felix Hernandez, the upcoming season can be, just how bad the Astros are, and Ken Griffey Jr.’s napping schedule. If you wish to follow Jeff, and you really should, he can be found @LookoutLanding. After that the guys launch into the usual silly stuff with the Dumb Tweet of The Week and say their collective goodbyes.

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Time: 40:09

  • Introduction
  • Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing joins us!
  • He shares his thoughts on Pineda/Montero
  • Fielder coming to the PNW make sense?
  • Is it rational or irrational to trade King Felix?
  • M’s heavy on pitching prospects, light on hitting prospects. What next?
  • How does the Kevin Millwood signing look?
  • Dumb Tweet of the Week

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times: Short-term deal for Prince Fielder makes no sense for Mariners

Episode 5 – There’s Always The Year After Next Year

The Tarp Talk gang is back for Episode 5! Since we last got togehter the Athletics made a couple big trades that swung the team into a full rebuild mode. After trading away Gio Gonzalez, Andrew Bailey, and Ryan Sweeney to the Nationals and Red Sox, respectively, the 2012 Athletics are looking like a very young, very different team. As always, we break down the trades, give you our thoughts on the returns, and what to look forward to in the upcoming season. We also got our first email question!

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Time: 54:32 

  • Intro
  • Gio Gonzalez was traded to the Nationals who came back?
  • Like it or love it?
  • Josh Outman, Tom Milone and the 2012 Rotation
  • Bailey and Sweeney were traded to the Red Sox who came back?
  • Is there daylight between Sweeney and Josh Reddick?
  • Risks acquired by both Oakland and Boston
  • Raul Alcantara as the linchpin
  • We got an email! Are fans freaking out about all these trades?
  • Dumb Tweet of the Week


Carson Cistulli on Tom Milone
Grant Brisbee on the Consequence of the A’s Rebuild